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Our Investment Strategy

Eastham Capital is the result of Matt and Eric’s shared vision for a multifamily real estate investment firm founded on the premise that all real estate is local. This philosophy is why Eastham Capital works with a select number of Operating Partners who have in-depth knowledge of their particular markets and have knowledge unattainable to those not living and functioning within a specific market on a day-to-day basis.

We invest with Operating Partners that meet our “Five Guidelines

Our Operating Partners must be local to a specific market. They must have significant knowledge and prior experience operating and transacting in their local market.  We also look for them to have a proven track record of delivering superior investment results by acquiring, renovating, repositioning, managing and selling apartment properties.

We look for Operating Partners who can make a meaningful cash investment into each deal, while Eastham provides the majority of the equity.

The Operating Partners must self-manage. This includes engagement in day-to-day operations and property management. We do not work with OPs who hire third-party management companies.

We fix properties, not neighborhoods®.  We target B&C properties in A&B locations across the U.S.

We target a high cashflow yield at property stabilization and a 2x total return on capital.

To our partners, Eastham has become a valued source of repeat equity that has helped fuel their company’s growth.

For our investors, Eastham has become a trusted investment manager who helps them achieve their financial goals.

How we serve partners: Professional capital for growing local operators

Eastham is committed to fostering long-term, productive partnerships with local multifamily owner-operators by filling a niche in the capital stack: equity investments in the $5 to $25 million range. As experienced operators ourselves, we recognize that these partners want to work with equity providers who have the credibility and capital that enables them to “win” deals and negotiate the best terms. At the same time, they also value the freedom to operate independently and do what they do best.  At Eastham, we’ve mastered the art of being collaborative without getting in our partner’s way.  Best of all, success breeds success – we build long-term relationships and repeat business that helps local operators expand their platforms.

Partner With Us

Eastham Capital looks to build long-term multiple-project relationships with a number of preferred M/Ds. If you are an M/D who meets our investment criteria with a project that matches our strategy and would like to discuss a potential partnership with Eastham Capital, please contact us.